What is Gelio?

Gelio is geo-targeted mobile app, which intelligently delivers real time promotions and live offers from local businesses depending on your location.

How does Gelio work?

Gelio provides a simple way for local businesses and customers to connect. Our carefully selected businesses create unique offers to attract local customers.

Users check the app any time they want to see what’s on offer around them, they claim the offer and show the verification screen when paying.

As a business you can promote your brand, showcase a new menu, discover something new and share spontaneous offers with your friends.

How do I claim an offer?

Download the Gelio app, allow us to access your location so you can view the live and future offers around you. See an offer you like? Click ‘Claim’ for your unique verification screen to be presented for redemption at the location.

Simple one-click Claim and Gelio directions take you there!

How do I pay for the offer?

Simply present the in app verification screen on your device when redeeming your offer at the location. The deal or offer discount will be applied to your bill, so you simply pay as normal. Happy days!

Do I have to book or make a reservation?

Our Live Offers tend to be spontaneous walk-in offers. However each offer description and location terms are unique, so please read the details when you claim the offer.

Are there any additional costs for users?

None at all! However, if you choose to purchase extra goods or items outside of the offer description, then normal business between you and the merchant will resume.

Do offers sell out?

Yes is the simple answer! Each offer is unique, has specific validity times and can also be limited in numbers.

We just show the last remaining numbers for our app users so no one misses out!

How late can I claim an offer?

If the offer is live on the app you can claim it. But remember you must redeem your offer within the permitted validity times as shown on your verification screen.

So please get going so you don’t miss out!

What’s the difference between Live and future?

Live offers are available now and you can claim these immediately.

Future offers will be live later, tomorrow or in a few days. You can bookmark these in the app and then you can claim the ones you want when they go live.

Never miss out on a Gelio now or in the future!

How do I create or update my account?

Simply sign up or login to Gelio using a valid email address or Facebook account. Once your account is verified via email its simple to login and update information on your account.

Can I give feedback?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us using the details on the contact page for anything you want to share with us.